An Offer You Can’t Refuse

It is difficult for companies looking at R3 to understand how different our training and coaching approach is from the training they’ve implemented before.  R3 creates a much more demanding and rigorous environment that sales people must perform in.   We avoid heavy discussion and analysis driven delivery and instead focus hard on

Demonstration > practice > coaching > practice > more coaching …

We know from experience that knowledge in the brain is not the same thing as being able to verbalize what we know under pressure.  Our people are like Navy Seals Trainer-Coaches in terms of their ability to challenge Sales People, Coaches and Contact Center employees to verbalize what they think they know and to improve it.

So, here’s the offer.  We will conduct a one-day training program with 10-25 of your team members on the simple but vitally important topic of communicating your competitive advantages.  We guarantee you they are not nearly as strong at communicating this core information under pressure as they need to be.  We will customize the program to your team and create materials for the full day program.  The entire cost of this is $1,000 which basically covers our travel costs and we eat all the other expenses.  If your team is not blown away by how much more effective this training was than anything else you’ve ever given them, we’ll eat the travel costs too.  You have nothing to lose.  This program can easily be adapted for:

  • Outside Sales People
  • Inside Sales People
  • Contact center sales and customer service Agents
  • Sales Coaches of all types

We 100% guarantee you will be astonished with what you see.  We only ask for the following conditions:

  • Ideal size is 10-25 participants
  • You supply the training room/facility
  • We schedule a 30 minute phone call in advance with a few top performers
  • A manager must be in the room for at least 50% of the session and at the end to hear participant feedback

And that’s it.  Try us out.  Spend our money.  Give it a shot as you  have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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