Annelise Morgan
Business Development Intern

Annelise Morgan is a budding contributor to the R3 team with a strong background in operations serving as our “Intern Extraordinaire”. In her short career, she has already demonstrated exceptional leadership and operational prowess. As a student at Washington University in St. Louis, a few examples of her early successes are landing on the Dean’s list every semester, being selected as an Ervin Scholar Winner, serving as the Vice President of Operations for her sorority, and as a Teaching Assistant helping 150 students…oh, and all while organizing a Deloitte Consulting competition. Her quiet confidence, focused and motivated attitude makes her our R3 Secret Weapon. Well, not so secret anymore.

A true Renaissance woman, she rounds out her varied skill set in the culinary space, with some baking. This may stem from her time as a Girl Scout, though she sounded pretty busy winning a Gold Award for establishing a graphing calculator program to provide greater access to under-privileged families.

In her downtime, she likes to put her physical strengths to the test by swinging and flipping in the Aerial Circus, or fending off would-be attackers in Krav Maga. Maybe this is why she’s had 6 broken bones throughout her life! Her favorite phrase is “Roll when you fall, because it’s something I really need to work on remembering.” We agree, Annelise!

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