Shauni Calegari
Project Manager

Shauni’s energy and passion for everything she does is what sets her apart and makes her an ideal member of the R3 team. Her proven track record of creating and strengthening relationships with existing and prospective clients, coupled with her friendly and do whatever it takes attitude is the magic she brings to R3.

From regularly exceeding sales goals as a Front Desk Concierge to wow’ing customers with amazing service at Nordstrom, Shauni knows how to deliver exceptional client experiences. It’s no surprise she also earned herself the distinction of graduating with honors while receiving a degree in Communication from San Diego State University.

As driven as she is, Shauni also believes it’s important to slow down and enjoy life’s little pleasures like watching live music or while studying abroad at Paris-Sorbonne University, trying new/different foods from all over the world. She finds her gratitude by remembering, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

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