Shea Carpenter

Shea Carpenter is one of our lead consultants making a difference in the lives of agents and mangers all over the world. She has experience with industry giants such as AT&T and JP Morgan, training several thousand call center agents and hundreds of managers on how to improve their sales, customer service and retention results. In addition to large scale training, her leadership and mentor skills have been put to test coaching young analysts as they take the next step in their career helping them define their own, unique “personal brand” by truly discovering their Why.

What sets Shea apart is that she is very passionate about making things real and relevant for whomever she is working. She genuinely cares about others and their personal fulfillment in life and can often be heard saying, “Its not just about transferring skills, its about helping people to find their purpose and meaning in life.”

You can find Shea living her “meaningful life” outdoors or with friends and family on the lake boating, skiing, tubing or hanging on the dock. You might also spot one of her two Goldendoodles close by, of which she cannot squeeze and love on enough.

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