Steve Sansone
Vice President, R3 Consultants

Steve Sansone has a rewarding history of sales, sales coaching and leading the development and organizational improvement of sales performance. He excels at creating enthusiasm and energy with his audience while maintaining the importance of the message and its core purpose. His leadership and sales skills have helped companies increase revenues, create a unique customer interaction, and improve client retention. Furthermore, his long-lasting relationships he has built with clients, has earned him the right as a trusted advisor to many top executives in a variety of industries.

Prior to his role with R3 Consultants, Steve worked with GE Money, Washington Mutual, and TIC Enterprises. His awards recognize his comprehensive skill set, and include honors such as #1 Regional Vice President, AT&T Super Achievers Club 7 years consecutively and J.P. Morgan Chase Quarterly Sales Award for seven consecutive quarters.

Steve enjoys golfing and playing beach volleyball during his free time. Steve lives in San Diego and has three daughters, Caitlin, Emma and Bridget.

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